6-7. June 2006

The environmental seminar held within the frameworks of „Bound for East" project took place at the office of DBO in Trombitás Street, Budapest. The main subjects of the meeting were the mapping of further Danish-Hungarian co-operation possibilities, the situation of environmental protection in East-European, more exactly in Romania, the presentation of the country's priorities in environmental protection and the possibility of entering the Romanian market in a co-operational form.

Mr. Max Madsen opened the meeting by greeting the guests and outlined in a few words the purpose and program of the seminar.

Mr. Heine Svenstrup Jensen, honorary consul of Hungary rose to speak first from among the guests. He greeted the initiatives in working together on cross-national environmental protection.

Mr. Hans Hvitved represented the Danish Royal Embassy of Hungary. In his speech he introduced the commercial services granted by the embassy, which among others can strengthen the co-operation between Danish and Hungarian firms.

The next speaker was Ms. Ildikó Kukucska from ITD Hungary. In her lecture she mentioned the services given by ITD and stressed the importance of investments

Ms. Zsuzsanna Danyi also from ITD Hungary spoke about the offices of their organization situated abroad, which could help Hungarian companies in their first steps.

The following speech was held by Ms. Zelma Bernádt. She came from Csíkszereda, Romania and represented the Environmental Protection Agency of Hargita County. She spoke about the difficulties and tasks in environmental protection, Romanian energy policy and the preparatory works for joining EU.

Max Madsen from DBO

Afterwards Ms. Nicoleta Stelea rose to speak. She represented another area in Romania, Brasov region. As the associate of European Integration Office in Brasov she informed the guests about the role of her organization in connection with tasks in environmental protection and energy utilization in the region.
She also mentioned DAROBI Center, the Danish Romanian Business and Innovation Center, which is a new regional development center. The aim of this organization is to ensure new developments in Brasov County, to establish contact between Romanian and Western European companies and to support business and agricultural sector with new technology and knowledge of production and process.

József Bitskey and his colleague from Reaqua Ltd and Nicoleta Stelea from Brasov

The first speaker from among the Hungarian companies was the representative of Vestas-NRG Systems Kft, Mr. Gábor Csákány. He started his speech with introducing his company. In his presentation he spoke about the wind power plants in Hungary, the further possibilities and advantages of deploying more plants.

Mr. Ferenc Zsabokorszky from ENQUA spoke about the main profile of his firm, wastewater handling.

The next speaker was Mr. Csaba Antal from DNS-Group. He mentioned in a few words the chief activities of their organization and afterwards spoke about their Pillekő project, which is intended to be developed further.

Ms. Judit Zsarnay and Mr. György Falus came to represent Envi-Tech. Their firm among others deals with laser-technology, research and development and measurement of airborne aerosols.

Zelma Bernádt from Csíkszereda

The spokesman of Babelplant Kft held the last speech of the seminar. Their firm deals with utilization of waste-material, and the goods produced by Babelplant contain recycled plastic in 60-70%.

On the second day of the seminar DBO and the representative of Brasov Agency visited Envi-Tech Kft. The purpose of the visit was to examine a mobile lab, which was developed by the company. With the help of this laboratory which is in a van, the airborne aerosols and other pollutants can be measured on any spot. They also presented the particle counter which works with laser-technology. This equipment is under development.


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