This preliminary development project is a "business to business" co-operation project for Danish and Hungarian sub-supplier companies. The aim of the preliminary project is to assess and define the requirements and demands of the Danish producing companies on the Hungarian sub-suppliers, and to reveal the possible development needs, for example in the field of quality assurance, logistics, management and communication. In connection with this the demand of further training necessary for the development will be defined at the supplier companies. The preliminary project is financed by the Regional Development Fund of the County of Aarhus.

The further aim of this project is to strengthen Danish sub-supplier companies, which are not yet in the market, by giving technological and managing know-how to their Hungarian sub-supplier partners, and to reinforce the position and competitiveness of Danish producing companies in the region.

The preliminary project also tries to find the answer whether the Danish sub-suppliers of producing companies could be "models" and co-operating partners for the Hungarian sub-supplier companies. These companies may obtain further market shares owing to a closer cooperation with the Danish partner, and the producing companies can count on better and more efficient local sub-suppliers. At the same time, with the help of the cooperation with its Hungarian partner, the Danish sub-supplier company can obtain access to markets where it has not been present yet.

The experiences of the project -after some reviewing- will be probably useful in other Central and Eastern European region related to similar initiative.

The action plan and its timing are as follows:

:: November-December 2005

Presenting the idea and conception of the project to Danish producing companies in Hungary. Describing the demands and requirements made on sub-suppliers.

:: January 2006

Establishing connections with Hungarian sub-supplier companies, descriptions, analysis.

:: February 2006

Searching for Danish sub-supplier companies, inquiring and establishing connections regarding to the participation in the project.

:: March 2006

Seminar in Hungary for Danish and Hungarian sub-supplier companies, and for the Danish producing companies settled in Hungary.
Collecting information and preparing the final project-description.
Writing application if necessary for the development project.

This preliminary project is realised by the Danish VirksomhedsStart & Vakst and DBO. Besides, the project co-operates with the Royal Danish Embassy in Budapest, the Embassy of Hungarian Republic in Copenhagen, the Hungarian Consulate in Aarhus, the ITD Hungary (Investment and Trade Development Agency) and with the relevant trade organizations in both countries.

For further information about the project, please turn to DBO.


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