:: How to get a residence permit in Hungary?

The European Economic Area (EEA) nationals holding a valid passport or valid identity card may enter the country and may stay without a special permit in the territory of the Republic of Hungary for a period not exceeding ninety days. EEA nationals and their family members shall apply for a residence permit if they intend to stay in Hungary for a period exceeding 90 days. more

:: How to establish a business in Hungary?

The overall environment for foreign investment in Hungary is very good. Foreigners may have up to 100% ownership in Hungarian legal entities. Repatriation of Hungarian profits in resident foreign entities is permitted. In addition, there are no minimum investment requirements and no trade restrictions for foreign investors. Foreign companies, as with all companies in Hungary, must register with the local court of registration, the tax authorities and the social insurance authorities. more

:: How to employ a person in Hungary?

Here are some major rules of employment in Hungary, followed by an example of an employment contract and a table about costs. more

:: How to buy a real estate in Hungary?

For a foreign investor who wants to purchase real estate in Budapest there are two ways to proceed: Either applying for a permit from the municipality to have a real estate in Hungary as a private person or establishing a local Hungarian company and name it as owner of the real estate. more


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